Saturday, 25 June 2016

Lost in the sea of Neptune:

Weather: still cloudy, still raining, still snowing up on the mountain.

What I'm wearing today: brown velvet pants and home made green jumper. I know I look daggy and I just don't care!

Mood: considering circumstances, pretty happy.

Last time I had sex: when Adam was a boy.

Mission for today: try to stay focused on one goal for more than a minute. More on that in a minute.

Latest favourite words: I'm still stuck on "boorish."

My advice for today: maybe today is not about what you need and think you want. Maybe it's about being a guardian angel for someone else. Get to work.

Further research of my transit chart has revealed that I am mostly ruled by Neptune at the moment. Neptune is very watery and is fascinating and terrifying at the same time.

With Neptune influencing so many of my houses, it's easy to feel like a rudderless ship lost at sea and very difficult to remain rooted in reality - almost impossible to navigate daily life and predict what's around the corner because you are lost in a dream world. Every morning I wake up and I feel like the girl in the movie 50 First Dates, I have to try and remember what's going on as the days blend with nights and reality blends with fantasy. Excellent for artistic creation, disastrous for relationships and business ventures as one can easily be deceived since they can't see people for what they really are but project their own fantasy onto them. Long term partners may become resentful as you seem to be out to lunch or off with the fairies on an almost permanent basis. Also, victim/rescue themed relationships.

Living in a dream world can be fun at first but quickly becomes tedious when you witness your life start to unfold due to lack of direction, focus and follow through. I have this in my chart for quite a few years yet so my mission is to try and utilise it and turn it my advantage even though there's this foggy flood in my mind.

Peace and love,

Linda M Malcolm

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