Tuesday, 26 July 2016

I dreamt about you again last night...

You were so very tall,
And impressive,
Well, you impressed me anyway,
You stood up and I said,
"Excuse me, can you,
Stop being so tall please!"
Which is just the kind,
Of corny thing I would say,
But you just smiled;
By then,
We were already,
Deeply in love,
When you held me to you,
I would reach your chest,
And there was a snuggle spot,
There for me.

You were helping me care,
For a young child,
I stroked your leg,
And our eyes met & locked,
We both knew what was coming,
Ah, that delicious moment,
Of anticipation.

I know that I've seen you,
Somewhere before:
Are you a customer at work?
Maybe I saw you in the,
Supermarket queue?
Wherever it was,
I know I looked up at you,
And felt quite spellbound,
Just for a moment,
Before I went scurrying off,
Back to my hole;
Afraid to break the ice,
And hellbent on being,
A loner, as usual,

Are you dreaming of me too?
Will I see you again?
Fill my senses,
In my dreams once more,
I long for your embrace.

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