Tuesday, 19 July 2016

I exist in a world behind the world,

A solitary creature of the night,

"Face me now," he says,
"Turn to me now for I promise,
A life free of sorrow & pain."

"But he calls to me," I insist,
"On the nights where the whole world,
Has gone wild and I am,
Clutching my pillow to myself,
Lost & alone, a solitary figure,
I hear him call my name and
There is the promise of earthly pleasures."

I found the letters we'd written,
To one another:
There is so much pain,
But there is also much,
Love, laughter & ecstasy,
I miss that!


  1. http://niceguydating.ca/e230/ listening to this & as such, I believe in the best of myself & to use the best of all that is available to me, from knowledge & education to religion & awesome attitude. I'd love to say I'm at my best, but I'm not. I can do much better, but I have no need to play the field... J.R. Uttley

  2. Hi Jason, nice of you to drop by. Haven't seen you for ages :)

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