Saturday, 9 July 2016

The most excellent news...

Yesterday I went for coffee with my astrologer and friend who I hadn't seen for a few years. She's been making accurate predictions about my life for 15 years so it was so lovely to finally catch up with her again. As it turns out, her very good friend is also an author who was with Jojo and has now been picked up by Woodslane Publishing. Apparently he flew up to Sydney to meet them and he has confirmed with her that they are a genuine publishing house and that we all stand to make a profit from this publishing venture. All I have to do now is decide if I do finish the Oracle series or go with my other idea of moving to a completely new genre - adult fiction or even non-fiction. It looks like I might be making a small business trip to Sydney myself as I think it's important I meet them too.

Lyrane has taught me how to pinpoint events down to the day of occurrence. This is quite exciting for me so last night I got busy with this year's chart and I'm happy to say that if what she says is true and accurate then the worst for this year is already behind me. The beginning of July (next month) is set to be a beauty with all kinds of wonderful things happening. I have to say, deep down I really do feel as though the worst is behind me. For all of those astrology addicts out there: further exploration of my chart has revealed Chiron square natal Venus which will last until end next year :( No wonder I've been feeling at odds with loved ones (except children, apparently it's about testing the strength of love between you so those where love is not strong will slip away) Also, sun is opposite Pluto which  explains a lot with what is going on lately, and remains there until 2020.

I'm not sure how it came up but Lyrane explained to me the conspiracy theory about aliens. It's very long and involved and took up about one hour of our meeting but is incredibly thought provoking and fits in with what my own intuition has been whispering to me for a long time. I'm not going to go into it all right now but just picture The Matrix and take it from there. It's quite frightening to realise that my long held suspicion that we are not in control at all, even though our arrogance and fear would have us held in denial that we are is a concept held by others as well - I always put it down to some kind of paranoid delusion! I don't think it's a co-incidence that I began a blog about being in a dome, found a DVD box set about aliens keeping a small town within a dome (Steven King) and have now heard a story about aliens placing a force field around planet earth. It sounds so far fetched and yet rings so many bells of truth. It's so important for each human being to move toward the light and seek out our enlightenment - it's the only way to break free. If you are being held back by other beings then it's very important to break free even if it means cutting them out and it stands to reason that they are still severely under control and not aware of it. Break your bad habits, quit the mass mentality and start to think and research for yourself. You'll be amazed at what you'll find.

She reminded me that for me, it's about getting the message out there through my books (and blogs like this one, perhaps) and just how very important my message is. It really isn't about wealth and fame at all, it's about being of service to mankind (damn!) 

Naturally, being two single women, our conversation turned to our love lives. She very adamantly declared that she has "absolutely nothing to offer" to a lover but if one came along that ticked all of the boxes she might consider it. I love how she said that so matter of factly, as if she had finally decided to just accept her truth and put it out there exactly the way it is. I don't understand how she can say something like that and sound so together and yet if I said that, I would just sound like a hopeless victim. I guess it's because I still have this emotional trauma, bitterness and trust issues I have to work through. We talked about our emotional trauma, where it's stored in our bodies, how long it will take to remove (hers has lasted 16 years!) and how we can shift it. I confided in her about my celibacy and my vow to never be involved with a man again and she chuckled. Each time I made a comment along those lines, another chuckle! I was a bit miffed. She finally told me of her prediction that I would have a very happy relationship with someone younger than me or someone I already know - it's all set to happen very soon. The thing is that a palm reader and a psychic have talked to me about this too but I didn't take it onboard at all because of my secret vow to myself but listening to Lyrane I began to remember ...

I saw his name in my diary last week and burst into tears. I was remembering that time and it shot an arrow straight through my heart. I quickly scrolled away. I can't afford to think of him, I can't let my memory go there because I'm afraid that next time I will literally end up in a straight jacket. This is the reason I can't get close to people anymore! This is the reason I will never have sex again! This is what has brought me to this place in hell! This is what has finally made me concede and admit defeat in the area of love! Why was I shown a thing of such beauty only to have it snatched away from me? Everywhere I go I see his name, his initials, I see his face in the faces of complete strangers and hear songs that remind me of our time together. Oh, the dreams that I had of our future together that could have, surely would have, come to fruition. What happiness we would have known. Cruel God! Sadistic God! Jokester God! No wonder people believe in Aliens!

This post originally written 2nd June 2016 by LM Malcolm

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