Saturday, 6 August 2016

She's Coming Alive:

This song Lemak Lagu is written & produced by my son Reuben. Please support him at Soundcloud RSUBEN

The trolls & hecklers,
Were wrong about her;
They thought that,
What she wrote was,
What she lived,
As if fiction could ever,
Be the truth,
But maybe they,
Were right in a way,
She'd lived vicariously,
Through those poems.

Only she knew,
The truth about her;
Alone with her thoughts,
All of these days,
These years,
They were her,
Only companions,
Palpable creatures,
Of the night,
Living an existence,
Beside her.

But this is the day that,
All of that changes,
From today,
It will never,
Be the same,
Because. . .
She's found,
The missing part,
So she cuts the cords,

She has arrived,
This is her rebirth,
She is coming alive.

Image compliments of +BriannaRouge

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