Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Have a guess what I just did :)

Weather: Sunny, rainy and windy :)

What I'm wearing today: Levis 501 (the only brand name I still wear and refuse to give up) 

Mood: Very happy

Sex Life: Nil

Mission for today: Wrestle it to the ground, I use this phrase for just about everything lately.

Latest favourite words: Chagrin, mortification & acquiesce thanks to DH Lawrence who uses these words a lot

My advice for today: If something is not happening for you, try something else to make it happen.

Well, I've really gone and done it this time :) In my frustration at myself for feeling like a failure for achieving virtually nothing with my writing for three years (apart from keeping my toe in with Social Media groups and writing blogs, memoir & poetry), I've signed up for Uni!!

Those who know me and who have been following my blog will not be surprised at all since I've been floundering with my writing for what seems like an eternity, have been at an impasse and entirely unsure about which direction to take. Much to my chagrin & mortification I've had to acquiesce and accept that as far as book writing is concerned, I'm at the other end of the tunnel now.

It's time, overdue actually, for me to start thinking about learning new skills to take my writing to another level so I've signed up to a University course that will allow me to do that. Finally, I feel like I've made a big decision - the right decision - that will take my life in an entirely new direction and hopefully there will be a pay cheque at the end of it :)

Now that my schedule has emptied out - my grandson is at school, my son no longer needs me to transport him to his course during the week and now only have one child living at home - I actually have time to think about what I want for a career and how to make that happen. Already I feel as if I have elevated myself to a different place and am feeling so much more happy & positive about my life. The thing is, I've been wanting to go back to school for 30 years!! Yes, that's right, that's a long time to be waiting to live one of your dreams and now is MY TIME :)
 I'm so ready for a change. Wish me luck :)

Peace & love,
Linda Maree Malcolm

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