Thursday, 22 September 2016

I remember the days,
When I'd look out to sea,
And see the horizon,
Beckoning to me,
The ocean would swivel,
And swell all around,
And make such a raucous,
In amongst the gull's sounds.

Tremulous with trepidation,
My toe would go in,
And squeals of delight,
As foam washed & feet sunk in,
Little by little,
The water rose up,
Until I surrendered,
Like a drowned buttercup.

The ocean enslaved me,
I was at her disposal,
And with board under arm,
Would await her proposal,
She forced me to love her,
With her sweet caress,
I couldn't refuse her,
Could only acquiesce.

And now...
And although old,
Not much has changed,
She still takes life,
And gives it,
As if pre-arranged,
I walk on the beach,
And I just can't behave,
My sea soaked,
And wrinkled soul,
She still saves.

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