Tuesday, 6 September 2016


Today I stepped outside and it was spring. I left my scarf, hat and coat at home as I ventured off for my walk and felt positively marvelous as the warm breeze brushed against me and had me stripping off layers of clothes. It's not enough to just say "I love you Spring" - oh no, never! :) So here's my letter:

Dearest Spring,

I know we broke up last November and I haven't set eyes on you at all since then, how I've missed you. Winter was only tolerable because I knew I'd be seeing you again. Spring, I can honestly say you are my favourite season and here's why:

Weeping willows; dripping wisteria; blooming roses; the birds are back and building nests for their babies and are all a-twitter; baby animals are birthed and frolic through pastures; bees are buzzing and butterflies swoop down to say hello; the clouds roll back to reveal blue skies; more sunshine means slightly warmer days; seeds are planted into gardens; trees have blossoms; tree foliage is in bud; the snows melt and the creeks and rivers run high after winter rains; heaters go off and windows are opened a crack; spring cleaning begins; men & women birth their babies; couples marry - it's every girl's childhood dream to be married as a Spring bride; lovers write poetry to one another; everywhere is green, green, green; hopes & dreams return because everything is in full bloom, is renewed ... is coming alive!

Spring, my heart is so full of you even though I know you won't be visiting for long and in three months you'll be gone again but I also know that you'll be back next year, as you always are.

Spring, my love, it's because of you, that I get to begin again.

All my love, dearest,



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