Wednesday, 14 September 2016

My Garden of Love:

How many years,
Have I slept alone?
Six maybe?
Every second I've loved.

But last night,
You were lying beside me,
So I laid there &
Watched you, breathing so gently.

I was sated, you see,
We had made sweet love,
You'd retired to sleep,
Your arms looped above.

In, out, up, down;
Propped up on my elbow,
I gazed quietly,
At your body, your glow.

No eagle talons either,
Ripping at my heart,
Even though, as always,
Soon we would part.

No - no tears for me,
I was perfectly calm,
Serenity - I owned it!
No fear or alarm.

You, in all your glory,
The magnificent you,
Had filled me to the brim,
With your words & what you do.

And I know that soon,
I'll wake up alone,
But I'm ok, I'm really ok,
In my fantasy home.

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