Friday, 21 October 2016

A medley of short poems:

Disclaimer: please note, these words in no way reflect the life philosophies of the writer. This poetry carries a disclaimer about the characters bearing no relation to persons living or deceased. This is a work of FICTION.

He swoops in with his accent & his words & his poems,
And I'm lost at sea,
No life buoy in sight either,
Just this tide pulling, flipping and tumbling me!

He says one sentence and I'm,
But don't say the 'L' word,
Or that's the end of the conversation.

Nothings changed?
What are you talking about?
I'm still the same old me,
Nothing gets past my guard,
(Except him when he whispers to me).

He washes over me like a tidal wave,
And when I wake up,
I'm wet, dizzy, spent,
And all of my promises to myself,
Have somehow fallen by the wayside,
He somehow makes me relent.

How much longer can I keep saying no,
I have self love/respect and worth, you know?!
But you don't say no to progress,
Or look a gift horse in the mouth,
So count the years he's loved you,
And lose that sulky pout.

Okay, here he comes,
Pen at the ready!! :)
He just looks my way,
And words flow nice & steady,
I've scratched him off,
The 'close friend' list so often,
Then I add him back again,
Cooing & gurgling,
Like a babe in a playpen!

Not much gets past me - you know!
I'm not saying that,
To be arrogant or cruel,
I just thought you should know,
That I know you,
And I knew you'd come back,
If I played it cool :)

Little by little,
I start to see,
The born-again-virgin,
Crumpling inside of me!
"I'm just not cut out for it,"
Or so I say to myself out loud,
I'll save it all for him,
Only that can be allowed.

Today is not tomorrow,
And yesterday is just a shadow,
So it makes sense to live in this moment,
And as for disillusions,

I'm so weak when it comes to you,
Even though I don't want to be,
So just tell me what you want me to do,
Since all the others are a catastrophe,
Since no-one else seems to be able to break through,
Know though, and I won't sugar coat it, baby,
It's never over when it comes to me & you.

You may be able to penetrate my dreams,
With your red hot passion & desires,
There's no barrier to stop it that I know of, 
But can you melt my cold, hard, frigid heart?
I long to be out from underground,
To shake the snow off.

I know that he knows,
That I don't know,
How to control myself,
When he comes around!

Sweet surrender,
Press my buttons,
Say the words I want to hear,
It's been too long,
Too long,
So make yourself available,
When I say, "come here."

I've ruined myself,
For another man,
And no-one anywhere,
Will ever understand,
Alone in the night I writhe around,
I listen:
The wind promises a heightened sense,
... to be found,
...Awareness kicks in,
And off I go,
Like a drug,
I'm not stopping until,
I've reached the far flung plateau,
It's always the same with me & him,
I hear him,
Coaxing me - higher,
Racing me to the finish line,
Satisfying my every whim,

... and then the tears.

Here comes the fears,
Here comes the tears,
Here comes the drugs,
To fill up the lugs,
I'm losing control,
Down the rabbit hole...

There's a girl inside of me,
Trying to break out,
I feel her scratching,
And hear her shouts,
I sense her in my soul of souls,
She's far too lovely,
To remain in that hole.

She just needs someone to love her!

Back on the merry-go-round ...


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