Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Letter for my grand daughter:

Hush little baby,
I know you'll fit in,
Your mama's so pretty,
And your daddy just wins.

But when the day comes,
To ride on their backs,
Remember to fly,
And don't ever look back.

Pave a way for yourself,
Off on your own,
You'll be the queen,
Of your very own home.

And if a man loves you,
And you find that he's true,
Give him your heart,
Unless he proves your waterloo.

And if love defeats you,
And pushes you down,
You'll still be the Queen,
Of the home far from town.

Your babies will adore you,
And though they'll take flight,
Take pen to paper,
In the still of the night.

Keep yourself nice, baby,
Don't look at the glass,
For love is as perennial,
As the green grass.

Image by +PavelZivoto

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