Friday, 21 October 2016


You ask where I've been?
Here's something I prepared earlier:

I went to the doctor,
And had him implant,
Something inside of me,
To douse the fire,
I had for you,
Think of it as,
A lobotomy for,
The South Pole.

Then I went to the Psychologist,
And had her perform,
EMDR technique,
Think of it as,
A lobotomy for,
The mind.

Then I went to a Hypnotherapist,
And had her perform her craft,
Think of it as,
A lobotomy for,
The muscle memory.

Then I drank a lot of alcohol,
Think of it as,
A lobotomy for the soul,
And finally I began,
To forget you.

So what have I been doing?
Oh just drifting,
Here & there,
In spirit form,
On the material plane,
As always,
But now, no longer tortured.

All of these months,
When I heard you,
Call to me through,
The ether,
I was finally strong enough,
To resist,
You see, this is how,
My promise to myself,
Came into being,
And that was many months ago.

Do I blame you,
For my life falling apart?
Of course not,
It's not your fault after all,
You were just,
The Catalyst,
No wait...
I'M the Catalyst,
And that's all,
I'll ever be!

Written 15th July, 2016

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