Sunday, 13 November 2016


Listen while you read

Although he took,
My purity & innocence,
When my Hades came for me,
No-one knows this,
But I followed him willingly.

He took advantage,
Of my gullibility & naivety,
When I frolicked through,
The pasture of flowers,
To introduce myself to him, oh so shyly.

No-one knows that,
All alone at night I yearned,
In my secret chamber,
Although I was scared,
That during the rebirth I'd be burned.

He had spoken to me
In my dreams for ten years & 3,
Before ever I saw his face,
Turned me to his will,
Before he took me, or so it seems.

Being so proud,
When he held out his hand to me,
I refused,
I was curious about the Underworld though,
I dearly wanted to feel & see.

Down, down, down,
We plummeted, he & I,
There were many things,
That I saw that were shocking to me,
I can not lie.

But he would touch me,
In the small of my back to gently guide,
The flaming torch held aloft,
And I felt protected & safe,
When he smiled with twinkling eyes.

When we reached the wondrous, cavernous palace,
He gave me his seed,
And that's when I knew I had changed,
I belonged to him & would never permanently leave.

He used a song to speak,
To me of his love for me,
And planted himself there as romance,
Igniting my loyalty,
Trickling through my mind like honey.

Persephone of the Underworld.
OR Underworld Persephone,
I am Queen & rule with my King at my side,
We walk through the fires of hell as one,
United ... into Eternity.


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