Thursday, 3 November 2016

You say that you know me but do you?

Did you know that I bound through stranger's yards like a startled deer in suburbia in the dead of night so that I can catch the best vantage point for my moon-rise photo? I worship her. I do it to honour her. It's a symbiotic thing between her and I. She's my constant companion on those long, 100 km drives from one town to the next - those long and moonlit nights. Apart from her, I'm quite alone and have time to reflect, cogitate, talk and I sing out loud and no-one hears but her. It's not cloying although I do catch her smiling at me from time to time :)

She is my love; she hears my whispers of poetry, desire, love, regret, sadness - it's all offered up to her.

She knows me, she really knows me.

Do you?

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