Thursday, 15 December 2016

I let her come close ...

Listen while you read
This moment in time...
Don't ever let it change,
- don't change, my love.

Let me breathe it in,
Let me take it in.

The cicadas reverberating,
Through my ears,
The bird trilling,
On my window ledge,
The summer breeze,
Gently lifting my hair,
The warm air,
Feeding my skin.

I close my eyes,
And am taken to that other place,
Her hair brushes my throat,
She kisses & teases me,
She suckles at me,
She embraces me with strong arms,
Of sinewy muscle,
She holds me as I find release,
Knowing that fulfillment beckons.
And then we fall,
Into eiderdown slumber,
Until the next time.

She's always there for me,
Knows my desires,
Gives into my demands,
She's the only one,
I can turn to who can,
Love as deeply,
And be as loyal to me as I am.


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