Tuesday, 27 December 2016

What's that you say? A haiku?

I'm learning how to write haikus at University and would love some feedback - please feel free to critique. Not all of them relate to nature as is typical with haikus but some of them do and I have used the 5,7,5 rule for each one. I'd written about 30 of them before I realised that they told a bit of a story (a love story, naturally, me being me :). Some are taken from life and some are fiction. Enjoy!


Would his love reach me?
Cold, shy, distant, reserved,
I longingly sing.

I was a minor;
No characterisation,
And then I saw him.

On the precipice,
Of love, about to dive down,
Search the lost & found.

He entered my soul,
Sat down, picked up the remote,
Flicked through, never left.

Divine Providence,
Brought our love together,
Roses & thorns fit.

He doesn’t have words,
But actions speak louder,
Teach me how to love.

With that one song,
He stamped my heart as his own,
So now I belong.

Of the finest caliber,
I sense him coming …

On the edge of the day,
When the sun has had its way,
I swim in his love.

Molecules & dust,
I will look for and find you,
At world’s end, my love.

My life imploded,
But you were there for me,
I’ll keep your seat warmed.

Under your word spell,
I was beautiful again,
But summer leaves brown.

I was so happy,
But butterflies slip away,
Chasing elusive!

I know you’re not true,
But just for now, this moment,
Let me believe – lie!

“I’m so scared,” she said,
“As his love feels so macabre,”
And haunted eyes sigh.

Ouch – the record’s stuck,
This rut means my sanity,
Too risky – sorry!

The depth of love felt,
Meant everything to me,
But to no-one else.

Waiting on people!
What’s the alternative though?
Drowning solitude?

Palpably alone,
The ache in my heart cries out,
They turn me to stone.

She confides in him,
“It’s the way they look at me,”
Begs insanity.

“She’s been sick,” they said,
In whispered tones through the door,
They caused the sickness.

“I just wish,” she sighed,
“Someone could come close again,”
Install therapy.

It’s a test – screaming,
“Please break my barriers down!”
But the glass won’t break.

So good and nice still,
She waits for him to melt her,
Release her from hell.

Locked inside ‘til death,
Imagine me if you will,
Cocoons never burst!

A new shovel and,
A spare piece of fertile land,
I’ll become daisies.

This feeling won’t last,
Tomorrow is a new day,
Outside the bell jar.

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