Thursday, 15 December 2016

You didn't stand a chance, did you baby?

Listen while you read

Just the last in a long, long line,

But you didn't know that about me, did you?

If you did,
You never would have smiled when I said hello,
Or maybe you would have,
Because I was sad & vulnerable
And you're sweet that way ...

And even now,
You're thinking about food and about sex,
Aren't you, baby?

I know you are because I know men,
And I know you and I love,
How I can tell those things about you,
About them, and how you never change,
Not really anyway.

Some things never change,
Men don't and I don't either.

And I love how you watch me,
And would do anything for me if I asked,
I love that about you - about them,
So sweet, so tender hearted, under the bravado,
The masculinity,the cavalier nonchalance.

I love how you watched me,
And made me forget about the others,

I could live for you,
I really could,
So don't change and don't go.

I want to know you a long time.

And I love how my poems,
Start out saying good-bye to you,
And end by saying please don't go.
Nothing changes, baby - I certainly don't,

I'll fall ... and keep falling ... for you ♥



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