Tuesday, 3 January 2017

My first sonnet:

You know those times when you see someone and your mind goes to that place, you know, that place? Well, this is about someone I saw the other day and I know I'll probably never see him again but I had to get the words out and so I wrote my first sonnet.

The summer night & I share an exquisite secret,
Whirring mosquitos happily prattle on,
My euphoria shoots heavenward & deepens,
Starlit black velvet & sweet celestial song.

Many ants build up a nest one morsel at a time,
And in the same way, my hope & faith was restored,
Golden, azure drops run over black paint in a line,
Peeling here & there, reveals the face of L'amour.

Time slips away backward, can not be recaptured,
Like tall buildings slipping down an earthquake crevice,
Remaining is the echo of the day in nature,
A wish to be less afraid, more adventurous.

I bask in warmth; a tender arm slips around me.
There's love in the world yet, he's finally found me.

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