Sunday, 26 February 2017

Family Weekend Away to Phillip Island

Instead of giving my kids silly gifts or gift vouchers that they don't really need for their birthdays and Christmas, I took them to Phillip Island and we hired a house for the weekend and spent an intense two days catching up with one another and getting up to appropriate shenanigans. We are also celebrating an engagement in the family and a 21st so it was important to do something very memorable. The entire weekend was made up of laughing, dancing, eating, playing guitar, singing, beaching, walking and then repeat. My three older children brought their partners and my grandchild was there too and my nephew who lives on the island came over for the last day and night so there was ten of us altogether.

It's my blog and I can brag if I want to ...

That moment when you're a ballerina and your jam comes on :)

What better place to tell the truth about my kids: they are all very creative and talented in their own ways and I have to admit, I'm very proud of all of them and their creative achievements. When it comes to videoing or photographing them these days, I have to be sneaky because they're tired of having my camera in their face and who can blame them.I left the flash off so they wouldn't know I was videoing, so it's a little dark. I loved to watch my youngest daughter Bella mix her traditional ballet steps with more contemporary dance steps. Her dancing was so fluid and when she relaxed and decided to sing along, her voice had all of us entranced.

In a moment I'll show you some songs that my son Reuben listens to that have clearly influenced him in his creation of his own music pieces. I'm learning about Sci-Trance, House and Melbourne music and I have to say, after listening to it all weekend am being converted, especially listening to my son's creations - to me he is a genius. And when he decides to dance we were all completely mesmerised as he "cuts shapes" and steals the show. I feel like ringing those teachers who taught him in grade three (before homeschooling started) and saying "YOU WERE SOOOO WRONG!!!" about putting him is the "special" kids class. Just because he wasn't academic, does not mean he is not brilliant!

Cheap Wine & A Three Day Growth by Cold Chisel - family jam @ Phillip Island

Ahem, a certain person was just about to go to bed when they played one of my old time favourites but I was too tired to remember all of the lyrics of Cheap Wine by Cold Chisel and then Tom spotted me filming so I was referred to as the 'Pedophile' from there on in :)

Madi doesn't often sing but when she does you take notice as she has a lovely husky, mellow voice and she is also very funny, a good substitute mother for when I'm not around and is expert in the Hospo industry (can sniff out the best restaurants and cafes) and a great cook. I thought I was taking photos of her and her boyfriend but my camera was still switched to video:

We enjoyed a walk to the pier after our brunch at The Waterboy. It was lovely to watch the anglers reeling in their catches.

What family doesn't have a certain amount of tormenting of each other and it's all in good fun? Usually it's the youngest children that cop it the most and that was certainly the case this weekend with the family tormentor, Tom, going for broke. But this video is all of us getting in on the act: everyone pretended to be too busy brushing their teeth to allow little sister into the bathroom to have a shower. It was very funny. 

As well as being known as the family tormentor, my son Thomas is a wonderful singer, guitarist, song writer, fiance and father and general all round handyman (he's often fixing things for me and services my car etc).

And he must have been hiding from my camera all weekend as I don't seem to have any pics of him but that's him there right in the center.

And it just wouldn't be right of me not to mention my wonderful in-law children who must wonder what they've got themselves into at times. James is our D.J. and is always busy during family get togethers mixing all of the music so that we have requests played and there are smooth transitions between songs. He also sings and plays guitar and is a master chef so we know if James is cooking, we are going to be fed well. Melissa is - well, she's very quiet and doesn't say much but a gifted Graphic Designer by trade and wonderful step-mother to little Zacy, puts up with Tom, which is no easy feat and doesn't mind pitching in and cleaning up after everyone. Then there's Madison, the new addition to our family. What can I say? Funny, exuberant, loving, keeps Reuben in line (no easy task), beautiful singer, happy smile.

There were some songs played on the weekend that got everyone up and dancing, even me. Here are a few of them (if you're offended by swearing please do not listen):

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