Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Prairie in my soul:

Listen while you read

There's a private part of me that no-one can have access to,
- not often anyway,
And that's why I'm guarded.

It's not because those I've trusted have done the wrong thing,
Or that my heart belongs to a distant memory,
Or that I'm coldhearted and reticent,
Although all of those things are probably true to a point.

You see, my restless tumbleweed soul has no fixed address,
And is as carefree as a wild horse,
Never staying in one place long,
Unable to call four walls a home.

So, don't try to access that hidden part of me,
It belongs to me and can never be yours,
But that doesn't mean I won't love you,
Like there is no tomorrow,
And that I won't invite my own true love,
To roam my secret prairie soul with me,
When he finally comes home.

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