Sunday, 19 February 2017

Then it happened:

I was broken without you,
Screaming in the night,
My own coffin closing in on me,
Clutching at my heart,
In an attempt to hold it together,
Airless lungs,
Breath spent from crying,
Deaf & blind,
I wrote my memoir,
Because I thought it was the end,
Why would I choose to live,
Like a lump of lifeless wood,
Month after month after month,
I nearly didn't make it,
I tried to replace you,
But he couldn't reach me,
Couldn't match you,
It was cruel of me really,
I see that now,
So I started to live,
A different kind of life,
Haunting the fringes,
Mostly at night,
I stayed dirty and messy,
And unattractive,
To avoid any contact,
I kept to myself,
With my books & diary,
In the long, lonely hours,
Never leaving the house,
I'd quite resigned myself, really,
And then one day it happened,
I was walking in nature,
My hood pulled over my face,
And sunglasses on so no-one could see me,
When a spare sunbeam,
Popped out from behind a cloud,
And shone straight onto my heart,
And I felt its words there in my love chamber,
"He's coming for you,"
"Your love, he's coming back for you!"  :)

Written 18th July, 2016

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