Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Listen while you read

"I know you're having an affair!" he hurled at me across our kitchen,
"That's ridiculous, I never leave the house!" I hurled back,
"Don't lie - I've seen the poetry!"
"It's fiction!!" was my retort,
But he left our house anyway,
He went out into the world and found a new wife.

I'm still sitting here,
Years later in stunned silence,
The sound of the slamming door,
Ringing in my ears,
Surely the fact that I'm here alone,
All of these years later,
Is testimony to the truth,
Of course my flesh is innocent,
- loyal and faithful to the end like an old dog,
But my heart?
Well, that's a different matter.

He says everything he wants to say in a banter sandwich,
Take away all of the extraneous words,
And what you have right in the center,
Are his words of love for me,
They make me sit up and listen,
Our words to one another could fill a book,
Should be between two covers,
He is the only poet I wish to read,
The only one I wish to encourage,
Although we have never met.

When writers and poets talk to each other privately,
They start and end their conversations with a hook,
Because that's what they're taught to do - it's a habit,
His hooks with me are about romance, love and desire,
Because he knows that's the way I'm wired,
My hooks with him are about eternity, loyalty and passion,
Because I know that's the way he's wired,
I wonder how he knew right back at the start,
That our love would last,
And only deepen with time,
It's because he knew how deeply I love,
It's because he knew that his love is eternal.

I'm breaking the chains,
And moving toward what my heart & mind wants,
And maybe my body will catch up with me,
Now that those wedding vows are over,
I'm no longer stuck on hold,
It's time I let go,
It's time to move on ...

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