Thursday, 15 June 2017

Starlight, starbright, be my guides tonight!

I was parked on a pitch black road with no streetlights right out in the deep bush for half an hour by myself as I had arrived too early to pick up my daughter from her new friend's house. But eventually my eyes adjusted and I was able to see the night critters scurrying along the ground and flying overhead. The warm summer breeze brought the sound of whirring cicadas and croaking frogs and my inner sense tuned into bush spirits whizzing past my car. I looked up to see a blanket of twinkling, starlight against the black velvet sky being revealed evermore as the trees leaned back with the breeze. They creaked and groaned and I knew I would be okay because of the stars - who are my constant companions - watching over me. They nourished my soul, stopped me from being afraid and told me the words to write on that serene November night.

Image compliments of +Sat Biswas 

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