Wednesday, 28 June 2017

When He Says My Name

There he goes, off for his daily walk,
My friend, my confidante, my lover, my master,
Strolling along like Mr Darcy - my Mr Darcy,
Leaving me panting, breathless, satisfied,
So worked up as to be nauseous.

I knew earlier today when he said my name,
That tonight was my lucky night,
And the way my toes curled up,
When he said it, gave it away,
Not a hint of lust,
But said with authority,
And that penetrating gaze of his that reaches straight into my soul.

And when he comes for me,
All queries, all concerns are silenced,
And I do what's asked with no hesitation,
Just so I can taste that ecstasy with him again,
And then, together, we leave the fire,
And float on our backs through the fog and on out to sea,
Until the next time he says my name.

Written 21st April, 2017

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