Sunday, 9 July 2017

I like body odours ...

I love long, messy hair,
And I'm partial to beards,
I love houses over-run with children of all ages,
The porch on hot summer nights,
Birdsong and nature,
Chimney smoke and the sound of chainsaws,
Across my valley on cold, wintry days.

I want children to smell of the great outdoors,
And if you come into my house smelling of wood,
Hands belong in the dirt,
And are for making everything homemade,
And loving each other and animals.

Tell me your stories,
Reveal to me your flaws,
Fill me up with your words of love,
And of dreams crushed or as yet unfulfilled,
And I'll listen.

Don't come to me perfect,
I don't want photo-shopped,
I want battle scars that tell a story,
Keep it real and keep it simple,
Because only then can we really connect.

Written 30th June, 2017


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