Wednesday, 5 July 2017

When We Ran The Show:

I liked those days when it was just you and I,
We called the shots, we ran the show,
And I know I acted like you meant nothing to me,
And I would turn up - no make-up, all smelly and hair unbrushed,
Just one of the guys, or at least that's what I thought,
I put on my Ice Queen act, which I'm so good at,
And I would joke privately about how I was going to trip you,
With all of those plates you had to carry,
And it would all come tumbling down and I'd be there,
Laughing my head off,
That was my fantasy anyway.

But the thing is, I grew accustomed to watching you watching me,
The way you waited with bated breath on my every word,
Laughed at all of my stupid jokes,
Helped me all of the time and complimented me,
Even though I didn't deserve it,
You gradually drew me out and I began to tell you parts of my story,
Only the parts I knew you could cope with of course,
You always knew when I'd been crying,
When the loneliness had become too much,
And you would ask me quietly if I was okay,
And you told me about you too and how miserable you were,
I grew to like it, I grew to like you, I looked forward to going to the shop.

But things change: new bosses come in and re-organise things,
And jobs are lost all of the time - people get replaced,
And you and I are not as young as we once were,
What a treacherous thought - that the young see us as too old to work!
And one day I'll go to the shop and you won't be there anymore,
And I'll be left wondering why I never had the courage to tell you,
How I felt and how I'm absolutely lost without you,

And I'll have to swallow it all down and keep it all inside, once again ...

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