Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Precious Pieces

Precious Sacred Scenes Unfold

Haunted by the many pieces of me I have willingly given to others,
Others that I made promises to that I was unable to keep,
I want to know how do I atone? How do I get my precious pieces back?

But instead, I find those pieces of me scattered:

Buried underground,
Lost at sea,
Catching Greyhound buses across the country,
Walking through fields of daisies,
Writing poetry in another land,
Living on a nearby mountaintop,
Farming in the Northern Districts,
Hanging by a noose,
Hanging around Purgatory,
In a wedding ceremony to someone else,
At the IVF clinic,
Dying of cancer,
Waiting on train platforms,
Making love to others,
Running through rainy nights to work,
Working the night shift,
Trying to remember who 'Linda' even is.

All irretrievable, all lost,
How do I resume without precious little pieces of me,
My little beauties?

If only I'd known then what I know now,
That it's constancy that wins the day,
So now to remain alone.


Written 25th April, 2017

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