Thursday, 5 April 2018

How I Quit the Ratrace and You Can Too - My last blog post

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Ever since I can remember I wanted a life out of the rat-race but was unsure how to make it a reality...

I wrote books about manifestation which were published some years ago without really knowing how I was going to create this new life for myself. I guess I thought if I wrote about it then perhaps the answers would come. I've also written a few blog articles about money and how we can make it work for us. This is a blog post I wrote about money. And although it's taken some years, in a divine moment of rare epiphany recently, I finally understood. 

I've worked in the corporate world, had a trip overseas, owned a huge house and driven a brand new car but none of that made me happy. There was something else calling to me all of the time but I wasn't sure what it was. I initially began this blogging journey all of those years ago for two reasons - financial liberation and to find my true love. Both of those dreams have now come to fruition. It was only when I gave myself over to a massive life transformation and what seemed like an unending dark night of the soul, that I began to understand what I had to do.

It was only when I decided to purchase a Tiny Home and then traipse across the desert on a three-week vacation that it started to dawn on me. Here's a personal essay I wrote for Uni about my desert experience that convinced me it's time to be by myself in the wilderness .

I can now truly say that I finally understand why my life went in the direction that it did. I was manifesting my new life quite unconsciously and have managed to bring myself to the place that I always wanted to be quite undeliberately. If this is a dream of yours too, I hope that I can help you with this, my last blog post. I'm going to provide some links for YouTube videos that I've found helpful in my search for a life with a deeper meaning. My new life will be about writing for myself - rather than for the public - studying, and continuing my homeschool journey with my children and grandchildren. 

Whether you believe in the Illumati, the matrix, awakening conscience, lightworkers, the 5th dimension, old souls, activation codes, witches, past lives, Reiki, Empaths, incarnated Angels, healers, higher vibrations, fairies and elementals, manifestation and abundance or not, you will glean at least one thing from each of the videos I am about to provide links for that will help you on your way to a brand new life. You also have the option of clicking on the link for my YouTube channel at the end to get all of the videos that have a made a difference in my life. Alternatively, subscribe to each channel yourself and keep up to date on the new world we are entering.

Peace and blessing to your and yours,
May love and light always be with you and
Thank you for your support over the years

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