Sunday, 9 December 2018

There's a memory tucked inside of me

Inside of me so deep,
Burnt into my retina,
When awake & when asleep.

It's like a bad smell,
That just won't go,
It rattles all my bones,
And gives me vertigo.

I have walked,
One thousand miles,
And driven many more,
To shake the pear from its tree,
To make the worm not bore.

I fall upon my knees,
And violently start retching,
I'm grabbing at my throat,
And my nerves are set a twitching.

Little by little,
Day by day,
I sink into the hell,
And use all kinds of magic,
To rid me of the smell.

If I could unsee
What I have seen,
Life wouldn't be such torture,
If I could change but just one thing,
I'd have a rosy future.

Take heed my friends,
Before you give consent,
Think about tomorrow,
Love you & respect you,
As deep as your bone marrow.

Beauty is as beauty does,
Remember what I've said,
Keep your eyes inside a book,
Don't let yourself be led.

All the King's horses,
And all the King's men,
Won't make you satisfied,
And screens are best turned off at night,
Of this I would not lie!

Written November 2016

Thursday, 5 April 2018

How I Quit the Ratrace and You Can Too - My last blog post

Listen while you read

Ever since I can remember I wanted a life out of the rat-race but was unsure how to make it a reality...

I wrote books about manifestation which were published some years ago without really knowing how I was going to create this new life for myself. I guess I thought if I wrote about it then perhaps the answers would come. I've also written a few blog articles about money and how we can make it work for us. This is a blog post I wrote about money. And although it's taken some years, in a divine moment of rare epiphany recently, I finally understood. 

I've worked in the corporate world, had a trip overseas, owned a huge house and driven a brand new car but none of that made me happy. There was something else calling to me all of the time but I wasn't sure what it was. I initially began this blogging journey all of those years ago for two reasons - financial liberation and to find my true love. Both of those dreams have now come to fruition. It was only when I gave myself over to a massive life transformation and what seemed like an unending dark night of the soul, that I began to understand what I had to do.

It was only when I decided to purchase a Tiny Home and then traipse across the desert on a three-week vacation that it started to dawn on me. Here's a personal essay I wrote for Uni about my desert experience that convinced me it's time to be by myself in the wilderness .

I can now truly say that I finally understand why my life went in the direction that it did. I was manifesting my new life quite unconsciously and have managed to bring myself to the place that I always wanted to be quite undeliberately. If this is a dream of yours too, I hope that I can help you with this, my last blog post. I'm going to provide some links for YouTube videos that I've found helpful in my search for a life with a deeper meaning. My new life will be about writing for myself - rather than for the public - studying, and continuing my homeschool journey with my children and grandchildren. 

Whether you believe in the Illumati, the matrix, awakening conscience, lightworkers, the 5th dimension, old souls, activation codes, witches, past lives, Reiki, Empaths, incarnated Angels, healers, higher vibrations, fairies and elementals, manifestation and abundance or not, you will glean at least one thing from each of the videos I am about to provide links for that will help you on your way to a brand new life. You also have the option of clicking on the link for my YouTube channel at the end to get all of the videos that have a made a difference in my life. Alternatively, subscribe to each channel yourself and keep up to date on the new world we are entering.

Peace and blessing to your and yours,
May love and light always be with you and
Thank you for your support over the years

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

I'll be back...

I'll be back soon with more news about the Tiny House Movement including natural health & beauty tips, simple/frugal & back to nature/basics tips, digital/grey nomad & career tips, and more information about how I came to be here and how to become part of a location independent lifestyle. 


A Tiny House :)

The Tiny House Movement is not just about lifestyle, it's about attitude. Over the past twelve months I have almost:

  • married again - I was proposed to and promised a 1.2 million house but I said no.
  • bought land out in the country to build a house which meant re-committing to another mortgage.
  • gone back to full-time work, ugh selling my time and soul to an employer all over again!
  • bought a brand new car which meant financing again.

I said no! I thought about all of those options long and hard and decided to say no. From now on I demand a stress-free lifestyle. I want hassle free living with no complications and I'm going to do whatever it takes to make that happen. 

My first decision was to use my savings for a Tiny Home (photos to follow). So now I have time to continue my studies - I'm working toward a Masters in English/Writing - and I will be available for my new grandson due to be born on 22nd April, 2018 :))) This also means my time is freed up to continue writing my books; I have 12 on the go atm. and can travel whenever I want. I'm still working toward becoming a Digital Nomad by increasing my magazine writing skills through Uni.

Buying my Tiny Home was the most thrilling moment of my life. I'll never forget it as long as I live. I own it! Goodbye banks, goodbye credit card companies, goodbye finance. I wish I could bottle the feeling of liberation! All stories have a happy ending but sometimes you have to change your perspective/perception to be able to see it and sometimes you may need a whole life overhaul.


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Precious Pieces

Precious Sacred Scenes Unfold

Haunted by the many pieces of me I have willingly given to others,
Others that I made promises to that I was unable to keep,
I want to know how do I atone? How do I get my precious pieces back?

But instead, I find those pieces of me scattered:

Buried underground,
Lost at sea,
Catching Greyhound buses across the country,
Walking through fields of daisies,
Writing poetry in another land,
Living on a nearby mountaintop,
Farming in the Northern Districts,
Hanging by a noose,
Hanging around Purgatory,
In a wedding ceremony to someone else,
At the IVF clinic,
Dying of cancer,
Waiting on train platforms,
Making love to others,
Running through rainy nights to work,
Working the night shift,
Trying to remember who 'Linda' even is.

All irretrievable, all lost,
How do I resume without precious little pieces of me,
My little beauties?

If only I'd known then what I know now,
That it's constancy that wins the day,
So now to remain alone.


Written 25th April, 2017

Monday, 31 July 2017

Destination Melbourne

What a busy time. I know I haven't written a post for a few months now apart from a bit of poetry here and there. Some really incredible things have happened lately which I'd like to share with you. I was struggling so much with keeping up with this big house and also study and work that I decided to advertise on HelpX for someone to stay here with me and assist me with everything from housework to research for my next Uni assignment in exchange for free accommodation and food. I was so sure no-one would respond as there are a lot of places around here that have placed ads on that website so I didn't even bother adding photos or a description of myself and the house. You can imagine how surprised I was a couple of days later to get a response from a boy who lives in China. I know Chinese people here in my town and my experience is that they are very peaceful and respectful people that make good friends.

Last Thursday night Chunnian landed on my doorstep. I knew we would get along immediately when I showed him to his room and he said, "it's pretty nice." Over the course of the next few hours I was able to introduce him to a jam biscuit which was "pretty delicious" and promite (English vegemite) which was "pretty strange!" But back to the beginning. This boy is the first one in his family to travel overseas and at that point I was the only person he knew in Australia. I was going to call this post The Brave boy or The Wise boy or Lonely Boy or Lost Boy in an effort to explain all of the mixed up emotions I had for him when he first arrived but while he is definitely brave and wise, I've found the other two words don't actually do him justice. If that was me going to a new country where I didn't know anyone I would be terrified to say the least. In fact, I don't think I could do it. I could have been anyone and it could have been a dangerous situation for him but he survives by his wits.

Chunnian is also a Uni student and he shares my love of books and movies. Imagine my delight when he volunteered to learn everything about my culture so I was able to recommend beloved books from my bookcase and DVD's from my home collection to completely immerse him in our culture. I know I may sound like a crazy Christian Colonialist but the truth is that we do have a wonderful history - the Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses, Prime Ministers and Presidents, the authors and poets and all of the movies based on their lives and the fiction they have created. Not to mention the battles and wars and other historical moments that define us as a race of people here in Australian and also Britain and the USA. In exchange, I'm learning so much about China and it's history. We've both had to admit that as nations our countries have made grave errors in the past and recently but we are both pretty proud of where we come from and patriotic although eager to learn about other countries as well.

Chunnian in Chinese means Spring and his sister's name means 'good news.' I have to admit, there have been times when I've responded with "mmmmhmmm" because the meaning of what he is trying to say has gotten lost in translation but overall the conversation is fluid, seamless and even organic. It's very serendipitous that he arrived on my doorstep since I have adored the Chinese culture and been studying it for some time: I like Chinese medicine, astrology, Taoisms, the food and the language fascinates me. If I was younger and could retain information I would learn the language for sure. As it is I'm used to the Chinese accent and can interpret it easily.

I had no idea but in China there are advertisements and songs about Melbourne which paint this City as one of the best in the world and a kind of paradise. I suppose it is really. I just take it for granted. Like a lot of other Chinese people he is sent to the "lucky country" not only to improve the position of his family but also of the country. They see education as everything and learning is of paramount importance. This is their way of betterment. Chunnian dreams of having a Western wife one day and his ultimate dream is to own some land, probably here in Australia, and have an orchard and cats. But right now, his immediate dream is to attend Melbourne Uni for his engineering degree so that he can build a rocket and travel to where the stars are and I don't see anything holding him back.

I'd like to share this poem with you that Chunnian wrote out for me. Most important of all is that it's originally written in Ancient Chinese which even the Chinese have trouble understanding. I was so chuffed that he was able to translate it into English for me. In bygone days husbands would only get to see their wives one day per year - at the Spring Festival - and the rest of the year they would be away earning income to support their wives and children. This poem is about the feelings of missing each other and yearning for the reunion. After reading this I began to understand where romance and poetry in our Western world stems from :)

Thinking Of You:

Saturday, 15 July 2017

I just want to feel like I'm beautiful again...

Listen while you read

Even if it's not the truth,
Even though there are a billion more,
Youthful and prettier women in the world than me,
And I know I'll never look like a twelve-year-old pornstar.

I just want to feel like I'm your only one,
Even though deep down I know that's impossible.

I just want to pretend that our love will last,
Even though I know that can never be.

I love you and if you care anything for me at all,
You'll understand all of this and you'll lie ... please lie.

Written 28th October, '16

There's a memory tucked inside of me

Inside of me so deep, Burnt into my retina, When awake & when asleep. It's like a bad smell, That just won't go, It rattle...